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Treatment options for our patients in Appleton & Berlin, WI

Treatment options and the reasons for choosing them for the foot and ankle are as varied as the different conditions of the foot and ankle. At Northeast Wisconsin Foot & Ankle Associates, our board-certified podiatric surgeons take many aspects of a patient’s situation into consideration before recommending a particular treatment. Not only are the symptoms and related cause discussed with the patient, but the physicians also consider the patient’s age, pain level, pain tolerance, anxiety issues, other physical limitations, work and leisure activities—both short-term and long-term, patient expectations, compliance concerns, and financial aspects stated by the patient. After completing this comprehensive assessment, our physicians typically approach a condition using the most effective conservative treatment.

doctor wrapping patient's ankle

Treatment Options from the Most Non-Invasive to the More Invasive Include:

  • Change in activity—short- or long-term
  • Change in footwear or in lacing a shoe or boot
  • Laser treatments
  • Inserting heel lifts
  • Application of pads, toe devices, and/or wraps
  • Application of durable medical equipment such as walking boots
  • Prescribing custom orthotics
  • Prescribing oral or topical medications
  • KeryFlex Nail Restoration System
  • Casting
  • Injections
  • In-office procedures
  • Outpatient surgery at a local surgical center

Bottom line, our physicians’ want to treat your conditions effectively and efficiently, minimizing trauma to your body, inconvenience to your activities, and helping to keep costs down.

Get Relief for Your Feet at Our Appleton, WI office.