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Swift®Microwave Therapy is a treatment of warts and other skin conditions that uses low dose, non-ablative microwave energy to stimulate your bodys immune response to recognize the virus and build a specific immune response against that virus, not unlike what the flu vaccine does for the flu.

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There should be minimal to no pain after each treatment is finished allowing you to immediately go back to normal activity. Unlike traditional wart treatments, there should be no residual effects such as blistering, bleeding, or pain; nor is there any aftercare to be done at home. Delivery of each treatment will take about 5 minutes.

Side effects are little to none, but some may experience a warm sensation after treatment that fades away quickly.

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Swift®Microwave Therapy is performed every 4 weeks until the wart is resolved. Most cases will resolve within one series of treatments, but on occasion an additional treatment or two may be needed. It is very important to follow through with all necessary treatments to ensure the best results. Swift®Microwave Therapy has an 85% resolution rate at approximately 3 treatments and a less than 1% recurrence rate. Although Swift®Microwave Therapy is very effective, like all medical treatments, there are no guarantees with this treatment.

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