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For your safety and peace of mind, we have implemented the following protocols as patients are scheduled and seen at our office:

  • Patients are screened for COVID symptoms and potential points of exposure PRIOR to coming in to the office as well as upon arrival.
  • All who enter our office are to arrive wearing THEIR OWN mask and will have their temperature taken. Anyone with a temp 100.5 degrees or higher will need to reschedule their appointment for at least two weeks out.
  • If anyone accompanies a patient to their appointment they will also need to be masked and screened, and will be roomed with the patient or will need to wait elsewhere. We currently are not allowing guests to remain in the reception area.

Our staff is actively practicing social distancing and working hard to minimize direct or indirect contact with others.

We are offering telehealth services when appropriate for established patients who have access to an internet-connected device with audio and video capabilities.

We are offering curbside delivery of DME or medical supply purchases when appropriate and requested.

If there is any other way we can help you feel more comfortable when planning for your appointment at our office, you are welcome to call us at (920) 731-1999 or email at We will do what we can to make it happen!!