MLS Laser Therapy

Video Testimonials

Written Testimonials

"...after receiving MLS Laser Treatments, I can ascend and descent stairs without pain."

"...laser therapy has changed my life and i now have the energy and desire to do everyday things."

"...normal daily activities were painful, but after receiving MLS Laser treatments, swelling in the foot was gone."

"...I could not walk barefoot, run, or do most exercises, but after receiving MLS Laser treatments, I am walking barefoot again and exercising"

"...I can now walk without constant pain in the arches of my feet and left heel."

"....I can walk without pain. This treatment was well worth it."

"...I am totally satisfied with this outcome and I am so glad I went through with it."

"...I am very satisfied, thumbs up!"

"...The treatments reduced the swelling in the heel allowing me greater flexibility in the affected joints."

"...After about 3-4 treatments I noticed a significant improvement and now and I have little to no pain."

"...I can now put my mind on other tasks vs. being distracted by pain."

"...I would definitely recommend Laser Therapy to others."

"...I feel I am almost at 100% improvement and am now able to walk without pain."

"...I highly recommend the MLS Laser Therapy and give it a 10+ rating."

"...I would recommend Laser Therapy to anyone who has swelling and sensitivity after surgery."

"...I would recommend laser treatments to my friends and family."

"...The treatment felt relaxing and soothing."

"...It’s wonderful to be able to stand and walk again without all the pain."